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International Aviation Fire Protection Association
IAFPA was first formed in 2000 by a group of airport fire officers in the UK.  From the initial UK site, the work of IAFPA spread throughout the Asia Pacific and the Middle East.  In March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world and affected almost all economies on the world stage especially aviation and the hospitality industry. With this major impact, the Council decided that to be relevant in the fast changing times and to be mission ready in the post-Covid era, IAFPA needed to restructure itself going forward.  On 28 Sep 2020, the IAFPA Executive Council took a major decision to merge IAFPA UK and IAFPA Asia into a strengthened single entity.  This decision was unanimously supported by members at this meeting held via virtual means.

Going forward, the main IAFPA office will be headquartered in Singapore from 28 Sep 2020 onwards.  UK IAFPA will continue to operate an office to reach out to new members from Europe keen to be associated with the work of IAFPA.

With this merger, the Board of Directors will be reorganized as a new IAFPA Executive Council to take on the future challenges.  IAFPA will continue to promote International Civil Aviation Safety Standards in Aircraft Fire Fighting and Rescue and to promote closer cooperation between the various Emergency Responders and Emergency Planners as well as Security Agencies by both interactive and virtual programmes which will be held at locations across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

IAFPA is helmed by Chief (Retd) Cletus Majella John Packiam and is supported by John Trew, founding Chairman and Operations Director, Falck Fire Services and Gillies Crichton, Vice Chairman and Group Head of Assurance at AGS Airports Limited.


Dear Visitor,

Thank you for visiting the International Aviation Fire Protection Association’s (IAFPA) webpage.

With IAFPA’s headquarters now in Singapore (previously it was in the London), we are reaching out to more partners to promote International Civil Aviation Safety Standards in Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting. We aim to foster closer cooperation amongst member airports and emergency organizations across the world.

We encourage you to join our Association as an individual member, organization member or corporate member. The membership comes with the privilege of getting to know other airport and firefighting personnel around the world, learn more about their equipment, facilities and training. Discounts are also available for members when you participate in our events. Please contact Ms Sue Dharan at admin@iafpa.asia if you wish to register for any of the membership schemes, or for more information.

We look forward to your participation in our events, which are mostly virtual for now, and we certainly hope to meet you in-person when the pandemic has stabilized.

Cletus MJ Packiam

Chairman, IAFPA



欢迎您来到国际民航消防组织的网页. 本组织总部目前在新加坡(之前在于伦敦),我们邀请各地的民航消防部门参与我们的组织,擢升国际民航组织消防水准. 我们的实现是让世界各地的民航消防部门有更亲蜜的合作和关系.

我们鼓励您参与国际民航消防组织当我们的会员,和各地的民航消防部门来往,更了解对方的案例分析,设备,训练程序等. 若参与我们的活动或演讲会有打折. 我们的会员总有三曾: 个人会员,团体会员,与社团会员. 请和我们联系,电邮于 admin@iafpa.asia

我们期待您参与我们的组织与组织所举行的活动. 可惜在疫情期间我们只能在线上会合. 疫情过后我们盼望和您见面.



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Pelawat yang dihormati,

Terima kasih kerana melayari laman web Persatuan Perlindungan Kebakaran Penerbangan Antarabangsa (IAFPA). Dengan markas IAFPA sekarang di Singapura (sebelumnya di United Kingdom), kami menjangkau lebih banyak rakan untuk mempromosikan Piawaian Keselamatan Penerbangan Awam Antarabangsa dalam Penyelamatan Pesawat dan Pemadam Kebakaran. Tujuan kami untuk mengeratkan kerjasama antara anggota lapangan terbang dan organisasi kecemasan di seluruh dunia.

Kami menggalakkan anda untuk menyertai Persatuan kami sebagai ahli individu, ahli organisasi atau ahli korporat. Keahlian ini diberikan dengan hak istimewa untuk mengenali kakitangan lapangan terbang dan pemadam kebakaran lain di seluruh dunia, mempelajari lebih lanjut mengenai peralatan, kemudahan dan latihan mereka. Potongan harga juga disediakan untuk ahli semasa anda menyertai acara kami. Sila hubungi Cik Sue Dharan di admin@iafpa.asia jika anda ingin mendaftar untuk mana-mana skim keahlian, atau untuk maklumat lebih lanjut.

Kami mengharapkan penyertaan anda dalam acara kami, yang kebanyakannya bersifat maya buat masa ini, dan kami berharap dapat bertemu dengan anda secara langsung apabila wabak ini semakin stabil.

Cletus MJ Packiam

Pengerusi, IAFPA


To provide a global network which enables the sharing of information to further the interests of the aviation firefighting industry which will assist in establishing proper safeguards against loss of life and property.


To facilitate and promote the sharing of information and learning to enhance fire safety and security for the international aviation community.

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