Chairman's Message



Dear Members,

In 2022, air travel had picked up tremendously with the relaxation of border control measures by most countries and I’m sure many of our members had made their first travels in 3 years. Even at my home airport, Singapore Changi Airport, our passenger traffic had an exponential increase from just 5% to about 75% in a matter of a few months! 

Riding on these waves of air travel recovery, IAFPA took a bold step by organizing a hybrid IAFPA Workshop at the Singapore Aviation Academy on 24-25 May 2022. It was a successful event with over 150 registrations to participate in-person or virtually. It was hosted by our Founding Chairman, Mr John Trew. We had several delegates from various countries present at the Academy, while the rest of the delegates attended the Workshop virtually. It was also through this workshop that we noticed keen interests by countries in the African continent and the Caribbean wanting to connect with IAFPA, and we will do our best to engage these countries. We request interested parties to contact IAFPA through our feedback channels. We thank all the 150 participants and sponsors for their support!

With the success of this Workshop in Singapore, we’re looking to organize another event in 2023. This event planning is still at infancy phase, and we will announce on our website and individual emails (for registered members) when we have confirmed this event.  It will be exciting to meet more members in-person. I am also excited to announce that in September 2024, we will have a conference in Brisbane, Australia! Do render us your full support by with your presence!     

Even as we celebrate the resurrection of travel, we pause for a somber moment to remember the two aviation firefighters who died during a fire truck-aircraft collision at Lima, Peru. While speculation is strife on the cause of the accident, let us not jump into conclusions while the authorities investigate, but to learn from the lessons of this case. I cannot emphasize further the importance of safety in our line of duty, and it must be in-grained in us, whether at work or even our private lives. 

With the aviation industry gaining momentum, the Members of the Board and I hope to meet you in-person again at our events, or even as a courtesy call if you happen to visit any of our countries for work or leisure!

On behalf of the Board, I wish you and your loved ones a prosperous and safe 2023!

Cletus MJ Packiam

Chairman, IAFPA