Hair For Hope

The Airport Emergency Service (AES) at Singapore Changi Airport will be celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2023. As part of a lineup of events commemorating this significant milestone, AES participated in a charity event “Hair For Hope”, in partnership with the Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF).

On 27 June 2023, a total of 17 AES firefighters (including the Chief!) “made a bald statement” and volunteered to have their heads shaven at this event, to signify solidarity with young cancer patients. As our previous Chief, the late Alvin Lee, had passed away in April 2023 after a fight with cancer, this event is also to commemorate his resilience and the tenacity of his loved ones in the face of a long battle.

Do access the link below for more information of the CCF and the efforts of AES. Apart from the 17 firefighters who had shaved their heads, the general staff of AES had made monetary donations to the Foundation too!

If you feel led to donate to make a difference to the underprivileged, you may do so in the same link.


Brian BAI, Staff Officer Logistics

Jieyao TOON, Operations Commander; IAFPA Website Manager